About us

My Inspiration:

I have been making my own hair cream for about 9 years. I was inspired by my grandmother whom I call "Grammy." I was suffering with a hair-shedding problem, Grammy confessed that she also had a problem area that would shed after she would have her hair straightened. She spoke of a homemade remedy that she used that a family member gave her, but she could only remember a few names and never seemed to think of all the ingredients that were in it. I really hoped that one day she could remember those other ingredients, so I could use them so my hair could grow like hers. It was so long and straight without a relaxer! I would always comb it for her and thought her hair was so pretty. Sadly, Grammy passed away on February 23, 2019. As a service to her, I decided that I would find a way to implement her in my life. A few days after Grammy's service, I committed to making my own products. I wanted to implement Grammy's name into the product's name. I finally came up with Naturallee Goode. I combined the word Natural, for the ingredients used in the product, my Grammy's middle name, which is Lee, and her last name, which is Goode (pronounced "good'). I told Grammy that she must have been talking to me because I truly felt her spirit that night. My Grammy is the inspiration behind Naturallee Goode, she is my angel that now watches over me. I am inspired to follow my dream. I was always a shy person and afraid of failure, but Grammy would always tell me to just do my best with everything I do. Therefore, I decided to try it. Life is too short and you have to cherish every moment.


My Journey:

My hair started shedding in high school, and it progressively got worse as I got older. As the years passed, and after trying different relaxers, my hair would continuously do the same thing. It would grow and then shed in the same area (the crown of my head) that I call "my spot". Nobody really could figure out what was going on. Different stylists believed it might be my nerves. The dermatologist recommended that I get steroid injections in my scalp and I said thanks, but no thanks. Another option was rogaine. I gave it a try, it didn't help. I even tried to find a trichologist that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and the scalp. The closest one was in Atlanta, GA. After all this deliberation, I decided to go natural in 2008. No more relaxers for me! I went to a barber and I got a really cute low haircut, which was fine because I always wore a short style, however, this cut was the shortest. Once I changed hair products, the more my hair grew. However, after being natural for a while, my hair really wasn't growing how I wanted it. I became a product junkie searching for better products for my hair. After several months my hair started shedding again. The barber who cut my hair before looked at my hair and asked me, "what happened?" He told me to stop putting chemicals in my hair. I told him that my hair is natural and I don't have any chemicals in my hair. He told me that the chemicals are in the hair products and I needed to stop using them. It was like I had an epiphany. I immediately stopped paying attention to the ingredients in the hair products that I was using. I thought this it it, it's time to stop using products in the stores and start making my own hair product.